Food For Children

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Food For Children: Our Mission, Vision and Values


In recognition that we are each called by God to care for one another, our mission is to actively promote human, spiritual, economic, social and cultural development throughout the world, especially in the poorest regions with the greatest need.

Food For Children Members


People of all nations will join together to help the world's poor to attain human, spiritual, economic, social and cultural development in order to improve the quality of their lives.


Our values are Christian, that is, since all human beings are children of God, they are worthy of love, the richness and fullness of life, the brotherhood and sisterhood of one, human family, and to find their place ultimately in God's kingdom. By sharing our talents, energies and resources, and by aligning our wills to the will of the Holy Spirit, we can work together towards a more caring and Christ-like earthly reality in preparation for the New Kingdom to come.